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Data Compare

Apr 03, 2007
Build 2.5
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VeriTest Tested

SQL Studio Data Compare passed the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions for the following components:
- Windows Client (Windows XP)
- SQL Server (on SQL Server 2005)

Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.

SQL Server 2005 Front Runner

Data Compare - Technical Details

Compare data in two data sources and merge differences

  • Compare all tables in two databases or make a custom selection for the tables to compare
  • Automatic check for foreign key related tables that are not included and options to include them in the scripting
  • [NEW] Save the current session to project
  • Color Coding - red for missing primary keys, light red for different/missing/additional, white for same/not compared
  • Data filtering - options to show only the missing primary keys/different/same
  • Compare remote servers
  • [NEW] Command line interface to automate and schedule comparison
  • [NEW] Custom templates for command line utility reports
  • [NEW] Multiple server locations to organize servers into logical groups
  • [NEW] Target database backup option before executing scripts
  • [NEW] Generate INSERT only statements for database dumping

Compare table structure and generate synchronization scripts

  • Real data compare - the compare of the tables is done by comparing the actual data stored in them (not comparing the scripts)
  • Visual indication for differences between the two tables. Status icon indicates the state for each row (different/matching new in left/new in right). Each row is shown in different color depending on its state (if the rows are different then the first difference is marked with red font)
  • Data filtering - show only all/different/new in left/new in right
  • Powerful synchronization - copy only one cell from a row or copy the whole row, delete the row from one of the tables (or from both)
  • In place cell editing when data needs to be corrected
  • Internal data viewer allows easy access to BINARY and NTEXT data and with integration of external diff tools provides flexibility for comparison
  • [NEW] Row filtering using a custom WHERE clause
  • Filtering by columns - define column filters for excluding/including the defined columns in the table comparison
  • [NEW] Save compare parameters in projects to streamline routine jobs
  • Check for foreign key violations and comparison of foreign key tables
  • Data search by keywords
  • [NEW] Define custom primary keys when a primary key is missing
  • [NEW] Date format option for output scripts

Supported Microsoft SQL Server Versions

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (all editions)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (all editions)
  • Microsoft MSDE 2000
  • Remote Microsoft SQL Server instances