Data Compare - How to Compare Data in Tables

Data CompareComparing at the table level helps to focus on synchronization of two tables in two databases. It is the fastest way to see the changes in two tables.

In Table Compare screen you can view the differences of two tables compared by row.

The background color of the table shows the status of the current row:

  • If the background color of the row is white then the two rows in both tables are the same.
  • If the background color of the row is< light red then the rows have some differences. The different fields are in red color.
  • If the background color of a cell is light blue and the color is blue then the row exists in one of the tables but does not exist in the other one.
  • If the background color of the row is light yellow then the row is changed and the changes are not committed yet.

For full (automatic) synchronization of the table use the Sync to Left and Sync to Right buttons. For example, Sync to Right will make the content of the Right table to be the same as the Left side table. That way the Left side table becomes the source and the Right side table is the target for the synchronization process.